8" X 12"




Faelan was my first commission of 2017! Faelan was drawn with Faber-Castell coloured pencils, currently my most popular type of portrait due to the amount of detail that can be captured. This portrait is 8"x12" in size which works really well for a head and shoulders portrait.

Faelan was drawn as a birthday gift from a Husband to his Wife! Due to short notice I was unable to meet the deadline for the birthday. However, after seeing my work his Wife was still keen to have me draw her dog for her as a belated birthday gift.

For anyone who might be curious, Faelan is a Eurasier! I myself had never heard of this breed of dog before taking on this commission. The customers chose coloured pencil because "he has a lot of hair and [they thought] it would work well". I had plenty of great quality reference photos sent with this commission which really helped in producing a detailed finished portrait. We chose this photograph from several due to the wonderful engagement with the camera. Faelan is looking directly at the lens and so when this portrait is hanging on the wall, it looks as though Faelen is looking at you from any angle.


"From the initial contact with Jo to receiving the finished portrait was a complete pleasure, we were kept updated throughout the process with e-mails and photos.

The portrait of Faelan is absolutely stunning...Jo has captured his character as well
as his looks,
thank you Jo for a fabulous birthday gift"

                                                                                   Fred and Karen, Lincoln