50CM X 50CM
 "Hunter" is a 50cm x 50cm Acrylic on deep edge Canvas. This portrait was a piece done specially for my first exhibition at The Sam Scorer Gallery in Lincoln. I chose Hunter as my subject for his beautiful colouring and his character. Hunters eyes convey so much emotion and my main aim was to capture this emotion in the portrait.

I aim to capture a high amount of detail in my portraits, portraying as best as possible, a true likeness of your beloved pet. I layer stroke upon stroke to create a depth of fur and I really enjoy this process of intricate detailing.

The most important aspects of any portrait are the eyes, and I also like to give a lot of attention to the nose. Therefore I ask for photographs that are clear and sharp in quality, where I can work on all the small details that make your pet special and unique!


The importance of providing a high quality reference photograph, or several, can be seen in these photos. The ammount of detail that has been captured is all due to the quality of the reference image. This photo of Hunter was taken outdoors, in natural daylight, and the photo was taken close up so that no cropping was needed and there was no need to zoom in and distort the image quality.